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Sukisho RP

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blah [10 Jun 2005|01:04am]

[ mood | tired ]

I hate to do this, but I'm unfortunately going to have to drop this RP.

Summer quarter's going to be starting up soon, and I just can't afford to stay here. I'm sorry. I don't even have a Yoru anymore. And this RP isn't really going anywhere.

If someone wants to grab Ran, feel free. You can even have the journal. Just emal/IM me and get the password. If you don't, I'll delete the journal.

Thanks. I had a good time. Bye.

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[05 Jun 2005|05:43pm]

[ mood | hot ]

[OOC: *pops in with a dark-and-stormy-night, Frankenstein-ish sort of background* Ahahahahaha! Live, I say! Live! ...What I mean to say is, sorry that it's so short. I wanted to make it rather vague so that anyone/everyone could reply. ^^;;;]

Two months after school had resumed, and things were going slow. The heat was far from unbearable, but Gaku was glad to be inside after school. He was on his way to the chem lab, but certainly wasn't opposed to stopping anywhere else - especially if it meant finally talking with friends he'd barely uttered more than a 'hello' or 'goodbye' to in those months.

I wonder how Nagase-buchou's research is going, he thought idly. And the do-it-all team's been really busy lately, I'm not surprised that I haven't seen much of Sora-senpai lately.

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MOD NOTE [05 Jun 2005|02:46pm]

[ mood | w00t ]

Hi, Rena aka Shiina's RPer here ^^

As you know Rin and Tsuki can't mod anymore because of real world issues, so Akkio{aka Nagase} and I have said we would take over as mods.

That's all, I don't feel like posting more XD

EDIT: And Sora and Nao are open now :O Just make a post for now

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[OOC] Er... -peeks in- [15 May 2005|03:03pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

I've got a question/suggestion/desperate attempt to keep this alive, if either mod is still around/checking the community. ^^;;

What do you think of RPing through posts to the community, 'message-board style' (in addition to AIM logs)? That way, though response time would vary, things could still happen even if everyone was on at different times of the day. And, if multiple people wanted to do something (such as with Sora, Yoru, Sunao, and Ran), it would probably be easier than a chat, too.

Or something like that. .___.

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Need help~ [05 May 2005|06:38pm]

Looking for all the sukisho's singing CDs~(except the 5th character single - Sei and the Dramas~).I know I should not just ask for them but I just have no idea where to find them, I can't even find the Op and Ed songs;_;

Thanks for your help, I will try to help too, if you need anything^^


And here I share Sukisho’s clock. Hope not so much people have already had it. It’s Nao and Sora.. It may not be in correct time. If you find out how to set it up please let me know. Thank you again^^
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[mod] Hellooo helloooo helloooooo *echoes* [01 May 2005|12:27pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

*cough* Are we dead? Um...no shit. Yeah. So I'm guessing most of you noticed the...bareness of this community. And I apologize and take full blame because well...it is Rin's and my fault since we're the mods. Finals are coming up, I've got a bunch of tests, quizzes, homework assignments, and projects that needed attending to, and to top it all off, I'm moving the first week of June (into a smaller house, might I add) so I need to spend time packing and getting rid of stuff. Then when summer starts, I have to take driver's ed classes and Geometry Honors. After those classes finish, I'm going to China and Maryland. Lame excuses, I know - but here comes the...good, I guess, part.

Rin and I have been talking and we haven't exactly come up with a decision yet but we were thinking of maybe giving our characters up - temporarily or permantly - and maybe picking up a more minor character to RP. And maybe even give ownership up or add another mod.

I'm sure many are checking this community regularly but don't have anything to post. One of the rules is to post atleast once a week and if we actually stuck by that, I think everyone's characters would have been up for grabs ^^;; So I'm gonna let that slide and hopefully activity will start up again.

Thanks for reading and once again, I'm terribly sorry for being so dead.

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[25 Apr 2005|11:38pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Characters: Ichikawa Gaku, Nagase Kai
Rating: PG
Summary: Did he just...?! Revive, community! Revive!

Let there be logs! ...o.OCollapse )

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OOC: a little hi [13 Apr 2005|12:06am]

I'm GStar and I'll be doing Shiina-chan in the RP *bows*

Um, this is my first RP but I look very forward to this.
I watch a wide variety of anime and have been into Sukisho for about 3-4 months
and started by reading the manga.

AIM: RenTheRPer
e-mail: YurigirlXiao@hotmail.com
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RP Log: Sora VS Ran - Round One [06 Apr 2005|10:42pm]

[ mood | tired ]


Backdated. Takes place Tuesday, March 29th, around 10:00pm. Sora was getting ready to sleep, all safe and sound. When... Sunao? No, why is this guy calling himself Ran? And why is he asking Sora to call out Yoru? Why am I acting like a bad teevee announcer?

Guess you'll just have to read it and find out! 8D

Rated PG. Nothing too special.

You really don't remember anything, do you? You stupid boy.Collapse )

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Mod Post: Reminder!~ [03 Apr 2005|05:01pm]

Just a little reminder: school starts tomorrow :D~ Hope everyone's ready for their classes ^_^
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ooc stuff: needing attention [26 Mar 2005|03:18pm]

[ mood | frustrated ]

D: Rawrgh.

Need the attention of Tsuki-san, Rin-san, and Rika-san. We keep saying we're going to do this, and it never happens. >_> I'm really dying here. Can we please have an RP chat tonight? Is this possible?

If not, then when? Sorry to be impatient, but this keeps getting put off until this day, and then this day, and then this day... And today, no one seems to be on. I figured that I would wait until the weekend because no one would be busy.

But, oh. It's easter weekend. Another complication. Yay.

Yeah. Sorry.

Thank you. ::bangs head on desk::

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Would you like to do some tests with me? Er... I mean... [Log] [23 Mar 2005|08:37pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Characters: Ichikawa Gaku, Nagase Kai
Rating: PG?
Summary: In which Nagase actually speaks more than a few words and Gaku is oblivious to the True Evil Purpose of something.

--Oh, yes. And most people are mice.Collapse )

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Second log x3 Yes, I know I'm creative xD [19 Mar 2005|11:47pm]

Characters: Sora, Sunao
Rating: G, PG (for one word? ^^;;)
Summary: In which Nao is looking for the main office and bumps into Sora. They talk and get a bit moody. And find each other rather attractive.

Realization! :O! Err...kinda ^^;;Collapse )
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We're the first log! Yeah~ [16 Mar 2005|10:04pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Characters Involved: Ichikawa Gaku, Nagase Kai
Rating: G? PG?
Summary: Gaku makes his special ramen, and Nagase acts serious. Nothing special here.

The first 'official' meetingCollapse )

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Clearing up confusion [15 Mar 2005|06:03pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Eek >.> Guess I wasn't as clear as I could've been ^^;; Anyhoo, here's some information that'll hopefully help clear up confusion.

First of all, school hasn't started yet but the RP has officially begin ^_^ School, I've decided, will start April 4 since typical Japanese schools years end in March and they have the whole month of March off. Then school usually begins in April. I don't know about the rest of you but I have my spring break March 25 - April 10 :P As for the RPing, this is the last week of my quarter so I've got enough tests to keep me busy ^^;;

Going along with that, it'd be helpful to know when everyone's usually free for RPing, ne? ^^ If you could so kindly reply to this post with what time and days you're usually free and what timezone you're in as well ^^ I'm in the Pacific Standard Time and can usuaully be found from 5:00 PM - 9:00 PM, depending on if it's my academic day or not. On weekends, I'll probably be free from 7:00 AM - 12:00 AM xDD

Secondly, I was thinking about the characters. The anime doesn't have all too many characters, does it? ^^;; Maybe we could open it up to the game characters as well. What do you guys think?

Thirdly, we *do not* have to follow the anime and play each scene detail for detail. I'm sure many of you knew this, but I just wanted to note this just in case ^^

Sankyuu for reading all of this and I hope everyone has fun RPing ^^ <3

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Character Application [13 Mar 2005|05:13pm]

After reading the rules and making sure your desired character is not taken, please reply to this entry with your filled out application and send it to both of the mods as well. Rena's e-mail address is RenTheRPer[@]hotmail.com and Akiko's is aatash04[@]gmail.com. Honestly, we won't be too harsh ;P Just want to make sure that you can type properly and n07 LyK d1S. Thank you ^_^

Main LJ:
Character desired:

Contact Info-
Any other Instant Messengers:

Sample Entry:
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Rules [13 Mar 2005|05:12pm]


1. Do not god mod. None of the Sukisho are telepathic or have unbeatable strength so you shall keep them that way.

2. If there is an arguement of any kind, please don't bring the rest of the members into it. Sort it out outside of the community. If it gets serious, tell the mods and we'll deal with it.

3. Everyone interprets characters different so don't have a fuss if someone RPs their character in a way which makes you disagree with them. Remember, s/he did give us a sample post when applying, meaning that they have been approved.

4. A month of inactiveness without letting the mods know beforehand will result in your character being up for grabs.

5. If you are going to be away from an extended period of time, make sure you let the community know so we don't accidentally kick you out.

6. Tolerance. Sukisho is obviously a shounen-ai, even yaoi, series so it's expected that you tolerate shounen-ai.

7. As of now, no original characters. You may be two characters at most as long as they are not two primary characters. To ensure that you are responsible enough for two characters, you need to be active; therefore, you may only apply for a second character after a month of roleplaying your first.

Journal and RP Log Posting-

8. Please, please try to post for your character atleast once every week. We understand that most people have lives (unlike us 8D;;) but one simple, long or short, entry will suffice, no matter how random it is - as long as it's pertaining to your character.

9. Posts are obviously written in first-person, just like any journal would be.

10. A journal entry and/or section of an entry marked private 'are not visible' to your characters. Respect the other character's privacy please ^^

11. A journal entry and/or section of an entry marked readable to a certain characters means nobody else, other than that certain character, may read it.

12. When you post an RP log, put it under a cut and give a brief summary, the rating, and the characters involved.

13. When you post an RP log, please make sure the spelling and grammar aren't blinding to the eyes.


14. This goes without saying, but please try to keep your characters as in-character as possible.

15. The primary form of communication would be AIM so please have an AIM screen name.

16. Role-play logs should be in story format aka third person.
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